What is It?

NaviLibrary is a library specifically for Ogre3D that allows developers to create and interact with web-content as an overlay or material in a 3D scene. It is powered by and depends upon the Awesomium library.

It is primarily intended as user-interface library for games and simulations but is flexible enough to be used for almost any web-related need (such as rendering streaming videos on a 3D wall, advertisements on in-game billboards, or using the Javascript engine for scripting purposes).


A preview video for NaviDemo v2.0, a full 3D web-browser that demonstrates the performance and flexibility of NaviLibrary and Awesomium


NaviLibrary is licensed under Lesser GNU Public License 2.1 which means you can use it free of charge in almost any application.

If you enjoy use of NaviLibrary in your project, it would really help me out if you did one or more of the following:

  • Add a mention to your product's distribution that you're using NaviLibrary (along with a link to this page).
  • Tell me or the rest of the community how you're using the library.
  • Donate to my software fund (poor college student needs to eat):


NaviLibrary v2.0 RC1 SDK MSVC8 Windows; MSVC8192 KB 1529
NaviLibrary v2.0 RC1 SDK MSVC9 Windows; MSVC9196 KB 2075
NaviLibrary v2.0 RC1 Source Windows349 KB 3563